How We Can Help

About Solar Energy

Renew Solar Power offers residential and business customers complete electrical solar power installations, whether tied into Nova Scotia Power’s grid or set up completely off-grid where power lines do not reach.

Renew Solar Power has a wide variety of choices of solar panels, inverters, racking, controllers and combiner boxes to choose from depending on the customer’s needs. We provide a turn-key installation including electrician to connect your system to the main electric panel of your house. Our panels are warranted for 25 years at which point are still producing at 80% capacity. These panels have a life of 40 years or more.

Be Green and Make Some Green

It has always been ethical to be “green”, and now it's also ? nancially sound. Environmental solutions used to come with a large price tag and a long period to see a break-even point (your ROI). But with the latest advances in technology solar ROI is typically down to 10-11 years. After that time, the system pays for itself and your power generation is free for many years to come.

Whichever option you decide, we will:

  • help determine how many kilowatts of power generation you require.
  • do a shade analysis to determine sun coverage through the day on your property.
  • assess to recommend rooftop or ground mounted arrays.
  • use Google maps and solar radiation data to help determine the best array of panels.
  • provide installation and maintenance of your system.
  • low interest rate ? nancing also available.

7 REASONS to purchase a solar energy solution from Renew Solar Power

  1. Renew Solar Power's systems are good for the environment. They do not release any harmful emissions while generating power and lower your carbon footprint.
  2. It's a solid home investment that can be realized on resale. Studies show buyers will pay a premium for a home with even a modest system. So solar power installation makes sense even if you are not currently in your "forever home".
  3. Renew Solar Power's systems are durable. Our solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, and even at 25 years old still produce power at 80% capacity.
  4. Renew Solar Power's systems can actually earn you money. If you generate more power than you use, you receive a cheque from Nova Scotia Power. Wouldn’t that be a change!
  5. Solar energy systems are a fixed one-time cost so the price to produce is fixed. Your price to generate power doesn’t go up over time.
  6. You can use solar energy all day. Renew Solar Power's panels generate power from daylight, not sunlight. It's a little known fact that even on rainy or overcast days your panels are still generating power.
  7. Your investment can be upfront or ? nanced over time. In no time at all your investment will be paid off and you get to enjoy many years of no cost power. Without a solar system your money is continually being taken by the power utility and is subject to every year fee increases.