2 Ways to Solar Independence

There are two ways to add solar independence to your life and each has its own specific benefits. They are:

Net Metered and Off-Grid

Net Metered

If you live on or within reach of the electrical grid, you can tie your solar generation into Nova Scotia Power’s system. If your system produces more energy than being used it flows into the grid. But when your generation does not cover your needs power from NSP flows in.

Nova Scotia Power installs a bi-directional meter on your building to track your energy production/usage. Your use vs. generation is calculated at every billing cycle. At the end of the year you receive a cash payment for any difference in your favour. Net metering customers still pay the monthly base charge. There are restrictions on the amount of power you can generate and feed back into the grid. We can help you navigate those restrictions.

Off-Grid (also known as stand-alone power systems)

Off-Grid solar solutions do not tie into the electrical grid so you are a stand-alone unit — generating, storing and using the solar power you collect.

Due to this you will need a battery bank to store your power. The power stored in your batteries is converted from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) for use in the home.

Off-Grid solar solutions are great for remote cabins or other locations where traditional power is not nearby. We can help you arrive at the best arrangement for your off-grid needs.